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Meet the Team

Bryan Williams, Principal

Bryan first started BWA over 20 years ago. Armed with his own experience in running businesses and his academic legal know-how, Bryan identified a real need to assist businesses in times of crisis. He knows the law, and knows how to use it to arrive at outcomes to suit even the most complex of insolvency matters. You definitely want Bryan in your corner.  Bryan has a Masters in Commercial Law, an MBA and a Diploma in Business. In his spare time, Bryan is a sensei at his local Karate club.

Gary Meynell - Insolvency Manager

Gary Meynell

From a young age Gary has had an interest in technology and it fitted that his very first job was with Dick Smith Electronics. It didn’t take long to become a Store Manager and be managing one of their major city centre branches.

Gary isn’t happy unless he is learning something, so he is always taking courses and upskilling in areas of interest to him. In the early days it was computer courses like Excel and Word. With those new found computer skills he found it relatively easy to move into the area of accounts and be working beside accountants doing constant figure work. He spent many years with one of NZ Post’s courier divisions doing just that.

As the Internet started to grow exponentially, he developed quite an interest in this technology and was particularly fascinated with how businesses used the Internet for marketing and growing their sales. In order to learn more about that he decided to further his education by studying for 3 ½ years under the guidance of the Management School at Waikato University where he attained a Business Management Degree which covered this topic.

After almost eight years in Australia setting up and operating his own Internet based business, Gary had to return back to New Zealand for family reasons. He is happy to finally settle here with us at BWA Insolvency where all his skills in Excel, Administration and Finance can be put to good use assisting our clients.

Julia Norton – Practice Manager

Julia ensures the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.  When Julia is not greeting you on the phone or front desk, she finds time to manage clients trust funds, distribution to creditors and maintain business records. Julia has a lovely nature and it is contagious. Even her cats and chickens live in harmony!