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Insolvency Services

Insolvency does not happen overnight. The weight of the situation builds - and before you know it, your business problems start to weigh heavily. Working with business insolvency experts will help you to gain a fresh perspective and a better outcome.

BWA Insolvency are business recovery and insolvency experts. We won’t encourage you to dissolve your business – but instead, we will do our darndest to find solutions that steer your company back on track. We specialise in Voluntary Administration, Liquidation and Receivership.

We can help you in the following areas:

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Business Recovery

A struggling business should not be something you take on alone. We are passionate about saving New Zealand businesses from closing. We will work alongside you and use our experience of both the law and business to provide the right solutions to get your business moving again.

Voluntary Administration

Voluntary Administration (VA) is the proactive alternative to liquidation. VA aims to assist all parties affected by the deterioration of a business by offering breathing space so that the issues consuming the business can be addressed and acceptable agreements with creditors and shareholders can be formed. This can be just what a business requires to rehabilitate and continue. Find out more.

voluntary administration
liquidation services


Liquidation brings about the end of a company’s life. This is sometimes the only option if creditors can’t be paid and there is no other way to push for the survival of your business. If this occurs, it is important to appoint a liquidation specialist that you can trust.  Find out more.


If you are unable to acquire the money that you are owed by a company, you can appoint an insolvency expert to manage the sale of the assets used as the original security to repay the debt owed to you. Find out more.

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Compliance Assistance

We can prepare all of the compliance documentation as required by Inland Revenue, Companies Office, and other departments and bodies when it comes to fighting for your business’ survival.

Third Party Liaison

In our experience, creditors that you owe money to often respond better to an independent representative: one who understands the legal implications and can work openly and fairly to optimise the interests of both parties. This is especially the case when it comes to VA, liquidation and receivership. We can also represent you as an advisor at crucial meetings, liaise on your behalf with legal teams and accountants, and speak on your behalf when it comes to your business insolvency matters.

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