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About us

What Motivates Us?

We’re motivated by the hope that our services can steer another New Zealand business on the road to recovery - or at least make the process of closure a lot less trying financially, legally and emotionally.

What Makes You Unique?

We are a small team of genuinely passionate people and we think our knowledge of business insolvency can’t be matched. Our uniqueness is also in our approachable, caring, down-to-earth manner – well that’s what our clients say, anyway.

How Were You Established?

BWA Insolvency came about 20 years ago with Bryan Williams' desire to help businesses in times of crisis. Armed with his past experiences as a businessman and his MBA & MComLaw qualifications, Bryan began his insolvency resolve.

Who Do You Help?

We’ve helped businesses from all walks of life – from small entrepreneurs to large corporates, located from the top of the North Island right down to the bottom of the South Island. We’ve met and assisted some amazing business people.

Do You Welcome Referrals?

We work closely with business professionals such as accountants and lawyers who feel confident in referring their clients to us for insolvency expertise.

Can I Call For A Chat About My Options?

Absolutely - we offer a free and confidential consultation without you feeling the need to continue with our services.

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