We Restore, Reconstruct & Rehabilitate Businesses | BWA Insolvency

Voluntary Administration: The Solution that maximises the chances of the business continuing in existence.

BWA restores, reconstructs and rehabilitates businesses that may otherwise fail for the want of expert insolvency advice.

If you find yourself unable to pay the bills as they fall due, you need expert insolvency advice.

About us


Knowing that our methods and skills are capable of steering New Zealand businesses back on the road to recovery. At the very least, we take pride in the knowledge that our services make the process of closure, if that has to occur, a lot less trying financially, legally and emotionally.


We are a team of genuinely passionate people and we think our knowledge of business insolvency can’t be matched. Our uniqueness is also in our approachable, caring, down-to-earth manner – This is the feedback we've had from numerous clients.


what we do

  • We take the time to really understand your business.
  • We want businesses to survive and we use our unique knowledge of the VA process to reach the best possible outcomes for everyone.
  • We're insolvency law experts: we know the requirements of the law and the obligations that need to be met.
  • “We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout New Zealand”.
  • “Our services are carried out with care and confidentiallity.”


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why us?

When your cash flow is slow, creditor claims are mounting and you face supplier cuts – it is often difficult to make decisions past day-to-day survival, let alone see a way out. However, the earlier you seek professional help, the more likely it is that your business will survive.

At BWA Insolvency we can work with you to find that way forward.